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PUBLISHED: Mar 18, 2017 12:07pm

Pregnant women will soon need doctor letters to ride trains in Indonesia

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JAKARTA, 18 March 2017:

Pregnant women wanting to travel by train in Indonesia will soon be required to produce a letter from a medical officer.

Quoting public relations head for the Semarang District Railway Service, Edy Kuswoyo, online media here reported the new ruling would ensure the safety and health of pregnant women as certified by a medical officer.

He said the present ruling had stipulated that only women who were 14 to 24 weeks pregnant could board the trains for long-distance travel.

“Women whose pregnancy were less than 14 weeks or more than 28 weeks will be required to produce a doctor’s letter on their health and pregnancy.”

Edy said pregnant women who did not have the letters will be required to undergo medical checks at the health posts in the railway stations to determine if they were allowed to travel by train.

He said this was because the railway management did not want to be held responsible if the women experienced problems connected to their condition.

Trains are still the most important form of land transportation in the country, especially for rural folks and for those who commute to work in Jakarta.



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