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PUBLISHED: Mar 14, 2017 8:10am

Police warn lockup awaits school bullies

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KUALA TERENGGANU, 14 March 2017:

A stiffer penalty awaits students found bullying, fighting or rioting, said Bukit Aman (Federal Police) Criminal Investigation Department director Datuk Seri Mohmad Salleh.

For a start, he said those involved in such cases would be detained in a police lockup pending remand order – a directive that came into effect since January.

“We are looking at the students’ involvement in crimes seriously…These (bullying, fighting and rioting) will get out of hand and lead to other serious crimes such as murder and drug trafficking, if no initial action is taken.

“Although such an action is deemed harsh, this is the effort to prevent untoward incidents.”

Mohmad said bullying cases are rare but had been portrayed badly on social media.

“Bullying occurred in the past but it was not highlighted due to the non-existence of the current technology,” he said, adding that various devices could now clearly capture victims being assaulted.

Mohmad also hoped that all quarters can play their part in ensuring crime cases involving students would not escalate.

Meanwhile in JOHOR BAHRU, the next-of-kin for seven out of the eight teenagers – killed in the cycling mishap in Jalan Lingkaran Dalam here last month – have received the Malaysian Schools Student Takaful insurance benefits totalling RM38,500.

State Health, Environment, Education and Information Committee chairman Datuk Ayub Rahmat said the next-of-kin received the benefits on behalf of Fauzan Halmijah, (student of SMK Desa Cemerlang), Haizad Kasrin and Mohamad Azhar Amir (SMK Permas Jaya 3), Muhammad Syahrul Nizam and Muhammad Azrie Danish (SMK Tan Sri Mohamad Rahmat).

The others were next-of-kin of Muhammad Firdaus Danish (SMK Damai Jaya) and Muhamad Shahrul Izzwan (SMK Dato Abdul Rahman Yassin).

The one who did not receive the benefit was because his son, Muhammad Harith Iskandar Abdullah was a student at the private school – Sekolah Menengah Agama Swasta Pasir Gudang – and was not covered by insurance.

“The state Education Department held a ceremony to hand over the takaful insurance benefits to the next-of-kin of the cycling victims on March 6. Each received RM5,500, which was handed over by State Education
Department, Humanitarian Development Sector chief Yasman Jamsir.”

Ayub said victims who had a permanently disabled limb received RM7,500 while those with two permanently disabled limbs received RM15,000. In addition, funeral expenses of RM1,000 and other benefits such as wheelchairs were also given.

In the incident on Feb 18, the eight teenagers were killed when a car ploughed into them in Jalan Lingkaran Dalam beside the Mahmoodiah Cemetery when they were riding their bicycles.



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