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PUBLISHED: Apr 17, 2016 4:31pm

Rekindling world’s imagination with Malaysian sounds



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KUALA LUMPUR, 17 April 2016:

The mere mention of the word “sarong” evokes all kinds of imagery – ranging from cooling comfort in tropical heat to steamy passion – all thanks to its diversity in usage that stems from its roots in the Malay language.

Such wide-ranging inspiration is what global music synthesizer giant Korg aims to bring to the world with its collaboration with CK Music Sdn Bhd – bringing to life traditional musical sounds of Chinese, Indian and Malay origins.

The collaboration has resulted in the Korg’s PA600MY Professional Arranger – Malaysia’s first musical keyboard.

Already with over 950 sounds and 360 pre-loaded music styles, this keyboard now includes 30 ethnic instrument sounds as well as over 40 accompanying styles that are unique to our three local ethnic groups such as the Cak Lengpong, Anklung, Kompang, Gu Zheng, Pi Pa, Dholak and Mridangam.

In a statement, CK Music said the collaboration took most of last year and was underpinned by the desire for many Malaysian music enthusiasts to have local ethnic sounds and also the need to preserve and promote Malaysia’s unique blend and harmony of our three ethnic races.

Now, to truly capture the world’s attention, it just takes recognised and rising talents to discover and embrace these traditional Malay sounds – just like how former Beatle John Lennon popularised the Indian sitar to the global community.

So, anyone up for a remake of Hotel California with the anklung? Listen to this uniquely Malaysian Korg keyboard here on YouTube. Or register here to attend a live performance.



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