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PUBLISHED: Dec 22, 2015 2:56pm

Malaysian firms get first bite on 4,000km of Rajasthan highway projects


The Rakyat Post

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JAIPUR, Dec 22, 2015: 

India’s northwest state Rajastan, which borders Pakistan, has given preference to six Malaysian firms to undertake around 4,000km of highway projects there.

The Times of India reported that Rajastan public works minister Yunus Khan had recently visited Malaysia and secured commitments from the Malaysian firms to submit their proposals by February.

“We offered them six packages which have 59 road projects covering around 4,000 km.

“We went there to invite companies to invest as a part of the MoUs signed during Resurgent Rajasthan.

“But this does not mean that they will get the projects. It will be an open bidding under Swiss channel method. There will be complete transparency in the process.”

The newspaper said the Swiss channel method envisions a proposal from Malaysian firms to be the basis for any bidding.

“If rival firm offers better provisions then the Malaysian companies will be asked to match them. If they agree to it, then contract will be awarded to them. Otherwise, it will be given to the rival company.”



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