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PUBLISHED: Aug 26, 2014 12:57pm

Angry Birds, Ikea in copyright suits



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Rovio Entertainment Oy, maker of the Angry Birds video game, failed in its challenge to a trademark used in Singapore by a Malaysian maker of snack food, MediaCorp’s ChannelNewsAsia website reported.

The Espoo, Finland-based game creator claimed that Kimanis Food Industries Sdn Bhd’s “Angry Bite” mark was too similar to Angry Birds and would confuse the public, reported ChannelNewsAsia.

Singapore’s registrar of trademarks said that in addition to the absence of visual or conceptual similarity between the marks, purchasers of Angry Bite products are self-selected and likely to exercise care as they select the items they are buying, ChannelNewsAsia reported.

Ikea wins in suit by product review site

NEW YORK, Aug 26: Ikea of Sweden AB, the Swedish home-furnishings company, persuaded a federal court in Virginia to dismiss a trademark case brought by the operators of a website at which people can comment about Ikea products.

Ikeafans Inc of Colonial Beach, Virginia, brought the suit May 20, seeking a declaration it wasn’t infringing the Swedish company’s trademarks.

The Virginia company said it has operated the website since 2005, and over the years enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the giant home furnishings company.

After what Ikeafans said was “years of collaboration and cross-marketing”, Ikea said in January 2012 it couldn’t continue to use the name, according to court papers.

Ikeafans then sued in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia.

US district judge Anthony J. Trenga dismissed Ikea on Aug 22 as the defendant in the case. He noted that the Ikeafans website does carry ads for home furnishing companies that compete with Ikea.



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